Minutes Matter

In an emergency, minutes can mean the difference between life and death.

Emergencies can take many forms and can occur at any time—from fires to accidents to sudden cardiac arrest, overdoses, and other crisis situations. The community members who are nearby in those first minutes are not typically trained professionals like police, firefighters, paramedics, or EMTs. But with basic education and information, anyone can be more prepared to help save a life in the critical minutes before first responders arrive.

With access to basic emergency information and education, people can save lives by taking quick action until first responders and emergency services arrive. UPMC launched Minutes Matter to empower the members of our community with basic information and education related to cardiac events, overdoses, and uncontrolled bleeding.

You Could Make a Difference When Minutes Matter

Many people are unsure about what to do or how to help in an emergency, so access to basic emergency information and education can empower communities by giving them the ability to make a difference when minutes matter. That ability strengthens our communities, saves lives, and improves outcomes.

It is important to continue to protect yourself and others from COVID-19. For current recommendations and updates, visit the Centers for Disease Control.